Roy W. Harthorn, MPA, CBO, Consulting Building Official

Building Code Expert Witness and Building Safety & Code Consultant
Certified Building Official, Plans Examiner and Accessibility Specialist
Member of ICC, ICBO, CALBO and the Calif. State  Historic Building Safety Board

Serving government, business and the legal professions:

  • Contract Plan Review and Inspections
  • Code Analysis and Consulting
  • Public policy research, administrative analysis and code development
  • Building Code Expert Witness
  • Historic Building Code Expert
  • Disabled Access & Green/Sustainable Building Technology
  • Expertise and familiarity with Sierra Nevada Mountain community code requirements and special needs

Our Santa Barbara office is located at:

3905 State Street, #321, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, telephone: 805-569-8798


E-mail us at: